Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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The Magic of Geometry [Experimental Blogs]

A few days ago we began an experience open educational use of blogs; the project progresses and will produce results in meeting its milestones.
There have been early work (and exceeding twenty) and have been linked to a page on the blog.
Contributions sand are under continual review for improvement or adjustment, such as the including references, the establishment of links to sources of quality or the technical solution of the incorporation of embedded resources for example on pages; are the operational problems and logical format in the beginning really ever.

The educational process must aim for excellence, so that the process of review and improvement is necessary to understand.

To illustrate the present state, you can see the top of the page to be developed; the title contains a link to this board “alive” in which are categorized by subject different jobs. The free themes on the first innings has been diverse, providing different ways to approach the matter concerns.

I invite you to visit us and to return, if you like, during the three-month experience; has been updated by adding new links to related content and certainly has changed his appearance to mature the process. Is, today it has opened a new page, growth forecast on the advice.

These first links (collected in this fragment) we provide the magical and historical view of the geometry. Perhaps, before study, we should know in a fun and learn to enjoy it.

On this page are published links Selected content on blogs the innovative educational experience. Its evolution depends on our students.

Feel like commenting participating blogs entries experimental? ?