Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

VA-Deosen with photos “Photo Story 3” AÃ ± add voice and music Generate

After create the project with photos selected and add text thereto, finish adding voice video (narrative) and, or music.

Voice Narration

The narrative voice is applied to each individual photo.

If the time it takes the narrative exceeds the time set for the image exposure, automatically adjusts the exposure time to match image and narrative, taking as common to both the time of the narrative.

It is not possible to reduce the length of the image below the narrative time.

To add narration to photograph select the tab “Add stories …” :

We find a management area narration recording.

We can insert a text to read later in the text area. This text is not displayed on the video, its use is limited to serve as a reminder to make the story more fluid.

Button “Preview” shows the result in an external window.

The icons shown represent:

The main control to start and stop recording

This eliminates another control the narrative of the picture you have selected.

In the edit line will see an icon, in the form of the classic “sandwich” (as those used in comics to contain the text), that indicates visually that the photo has a voice memo. In Figure, the first two images have a narrative; its duration is printed on each photograph, icons in the edit bar .

Creating Music

You can also add background music to be mixed with the narrative. Music can be “upload” as a file, either, and as a major development, can be generated from a few simple but effective musical patterns. It is one of the most interesting aspects of this tool.

To add background music to photography we select at what point it starts. If you select the first photo, the music will start from the first moment.

May “select music” indicating the file which contains the song, “Creating music” with a generator of melodies or “Delete Music” a photograph.

Selecting “Creating music” opens a new window where you customize the properties of music, where you simply choose the “Gender”, “Style”, “Groups” etc., parameters that are necessary for the generator we insert a musical pattern in the video.

After completing the selection of available options, we “Accept” changes may be previously “Reproduce” (to verify the results).

On line graphical information presented, appear on each image, rectangles symbolizing the theme song to accompany each image.

When you delete a song, the subject of previous photograph “expands” thereto, if duration permits

The adjustment or sound mixing is done by each track. If a topic takes several photographs and low volume, This operation is performed on all images that share the theme. You can not control individual.

As the end, I propose a simple exercise on which to apply the music or narration. How to make a ride on a single photo? I leave the sample: