Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Goloviarte y su pintura acrílica @Goloviarte

A few days ago I received a letter with a postcard inside.

Al abrir la carta pude ver la imagen que os muestro en esta fotografía.

¿De quién es?

@ Goloviarte, or nick name by which we know on Twitter to Gregorio López Vicente, sent me a beautiful card format work on a cardboard support coming later to take to framing deserves to dress like the back of my house; is a way to share with my views the work of this unique artist.

The painting was made with acrylics and I have to say that until I received the card, had a completely different picture of the expressive possibilities of this technique.

Mi experiencia con la pintura siempre se ha remitido al Oil.

I confess I always thought that the result would be totally flat, sin relieve; just open the letter I saw the expressive power of this technique, and in particular how masterfully exploits its resources Gregorio Lopez (Goloviarte).

The textures you get have nothing to envy oil, My main passion in painting, reinforced by the intensity and brightness of the colors you use.

The expressive power that I have found in this work had not ever seen with this technique, catching me touch its surface to match its composition.

Rugosidad e intensidad expresiva, una técnica particular que me gustaría aprender con estos materiales.

A careful glaze technique similar to, with overlapping layers of colors treated with the mastery of an artist who has spent more than 20 years devoted to painting.

The veladura consiste en capas muy delgadas de painting, de forma que se transparente la capa inferior, así el color que se ve es el resultado de la mezcla del color inferior más el de la veladura. (W)

A few days ago he took a post titled: Goloviarte: Vicente Lopez's art with acrylics in which he emphasized the balance between creation and dissemination on a sound commitment to art mass, with a work on par careful affordable. Today reinforcement I said and I invite you to visit your web space where you can also purchase your title if you wish, for use and personal enjoyment or as an element to be given away for example on dates such as those falling: a christmas art.

Thanks for sharing your art, Gregorio.

Certainly, I discovered his studio Do you want to spend and watch him work?