Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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AirTraffic Worldwide y FlightRadar

Application FlightRadar allows real-time monitoring of air traffic worldwide. Provides relevant information in a graphical and alphanumeric.

A map can be scaled over that shown by the geographic information, the position of the aircraft in real time.

You can find details of each flight as its identifier, type of aircraft, departure and arrival airports, latitude and longitude, flight level etc.. turn identifying the name of the radar that is setting position.

It has a search system under different criteria to filter aircraft represent, including selection by region (radar).

It has applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This application shows the absence of such flights over Spain, in the day “chaos” conflict produced by the air traffic controllers on Friday 3 December 2010, with the closure of Spanish airports.

The consequences of the closure of one or more airports has consequences for the whole flight around the globe, given the complexity of the dynamics of air traffic, routes or itineraries changing technical and logistical aspects.

It is impressive to see the flow of traffic around the world for a day reduced to a minute of video. A “swarm” is the best simile with which they can relate to these images.