Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Helicoide de esferas con Refracción [image] [Blender]

Pictures taken with two techniques used to determine the visibility of objects in a scene:

  • Technical Scanning with Z-Buffer
  • Ray tracing technique as in Raycast and Raytracing

It is intended as a basis for training and visual analysis techniques in synthetic image rendering, the effects of transparency and refraction (defined in the material of the object) both techniques with Z-Buffer as raytracing.

The analysis model is formed by a set of translucent spheres which are arranged helically with defined position modifiers Blender.

What particularities see in each image? What differs from the previous? How would you describe the effect of light passing through the middle?

You can enlarge the images by clicking the mouse as desired.

Imagen de Síntesis

Image Synthesis