Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Pieces of Drafting [3] [Normalization] [Education]

As the object becomes complicated form, a simple projection can not give us enough information about the object that we want to represent. His interpretation may be ambiguous and need to new views that complement, that allow us to “return” form. If we are able to make a correct and complete representation of the object, may be “find” by another person who conceptualize that object properly.

A piece should be displayed with the number of “views” appropriate, giving no more or less than necessary for complete definition.

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Represent the views of the object

Displaying the piece may require a extension browsers “Chrome” (for proper operation).

You rotate and scale the model to observe it from different points of view. You can also change other aspects of the display, eg try to change the color of the light illuminating the subject.

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