Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Hoy 21 March is International Day of the Tree

Among the most important days 2011 that are planned for the international year of forests ( according to the resolution A/RES/61/193 of the United Nations General Assembly), is the “World Forestry Day” or “International Arbor Day

Since this blog is being broadcast to these celebrations, through a set of images and reminders of the importance of the conservation of forests to protect biodiversity.

Today I leave you a picture of the trees that are currently in bloom, los prunos, that along with the almond trees it marked us the change of station, winter to spring which starts today.

The picture was taken this morning in the Park of San Isidro of Madrid for this purpose, and you can see in a wallpaper resolution (1728 x 1296) click on the image.

2011 año internacional de los bosques

2011 international year of forests