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El libro de las matemáticas

The subject of Mathematics has always been controversial for students.

There has not been a unified position in their assessment, being simple and attractive to some and hated and complex for others.

Mathematics from an abstract point of view are beautiful to more abstract minds. His perfection, order and structure are worshiped in scientific environments in which, clearly, are invaluable.

But mathematics can be beautiful for a large majority if your approach is right. We use without realizing its formal structures in each daily action of our lives and have served as a fundamental pillar to reach the level of technology we enjoy today. Without math we would be on a very primitive level of development.

These days I met a beautiful volume that allows approaching the world of mathematics abandoning “complex” symbolism around him. A recreational way, by enumerating some historic milestones, da us a perspective of the subject's.

Who has not enjoyed the known “Cubo de Rubik” Emo Rubik Hungarian invention ? Did you know that we devised in 1974? Did you know that you have different provisions?

Many questions we routinely find no answer without analysis structures that we provide mathematics.

Libro de las matematicasFrom Pythagoras to the 57th dimension. 250 milestones in the history of mathematics.

El libro de las matemáticas offers a collection of anecdotes illustrated and well documented aspects of the development of this science, and its application to everyday life. Its 250 milestones chronologically, each accompanied by an illustration and a lively text, that allow us to enjoy pleasant way of a complex world we can sometimes look very far.

When did the human being his first knot? Is it possible to return a sphere inside out? What is the ball theorem “hairy”? These are just some questions to respond in fun way, rigorously but with a great complicity with the reader not versed in the subject.

A book I recommend “small” and “more” to break the negative ideas that have these science subjects, or simply to be an object of worship for those who already love them.

The Book of Mathematics.
(Title “The Math Book”)
Author: Clifford A. Pickover
Editorial. Bookseller ISBN: 978-90-8998-097-7


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