Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Spirals [School]

GALAXIA_espiralThe geometry is shown in the elements of nature. Everyday forms can be described in simple geometric graphical models. We live by both the geometry on a daily basis without giving too much attention.
My students have reflected on this and we have presented some examples of their work, like this short article you are looking spirals in our environment

by Kon-PAS

CARACOLAHow does seem a screw, a galaxy and a snail?

They all have a spiral, a geometric figure by which nature and man seem to feel special predilection. The way the water to seep down the drain, sunflower seeds when they are on the ground, spider webs, storms, the seashells, the horns of goats, elephant tusks ...

He also takes advantage of their strengths and you can see that we use every day spirals, since they are in the corkscrew, fans, music discs, paper rolls, the telephone cable or tapes. I'm sure if you look you find more spirals around.

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