Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Snowman. Animated Gif 150 x 150

muneco_de_nieve_thumbAn image format Christmas low-resolution animated gif that can be used to decorate a corner of our blog this Christmas.

The image was generated with Blender from a simple model of spheres with a royal background image.

Added a particle system to simulate halo effect snow, at which the gravity is reduced to fall more slowly, while moving wind driven.

To simulate the texture of the snow particles have become Halo material with a small diameter, no additional effects of rings or lines.

To animated gif convert from AVI original, was used Squirtz Morph.

Also added a system of vortices for disturbances vrear their movement become more credible.

gif animado de muñeco de nieveanimated gif of a snowman