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Graphic PIZiadas

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ESA astronaut André Kuipers’ tour of the International Space Station

ISSOther Kuipers (@ Astro_andre) invites us to walk through the space station on a trip commented, in which we discover this fantastic corner of spatial structure.

A more detailed explanations about objects, cabinets and everyday items that are part of everyday life of astronauts.

A Ride 55 minutes with narration in English that you can not miss. You can also visit the blog de André Kuipers.

ESA astronaut Andre Kuipers invites you to follow a guided tour of the complete International Space Station. Andre himself is the tour guide during this unique visit to the Station.

In the space of one hour Andre shows every module of the International Space Station and explains the ins and outs of living in the largest laboratory in space. This video gives a wonderful glimpse of how life is for an astronaut living in the Station. From science and maintenance to operating robotic arms and finding lost equipment, Andre takes you from the Japanese research module via the Station’s cellar and ‘garden’ to the Russian segment, ending his tour with breath-taking views of Earth from the European-built Cupola observation module.

This video was recorded during the end of ESA’s PromISSe mission. Andre spent a total of 193 days in space before returning to Earth on 1 July 2012. (Youtube)