Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Post 1000More than three years ago I started my first blog post.

Bitá I hosted in early steps laquellos, me into this world of “blogs” in which, as I wrote in the first entry, “The beginnings are never easy“.

Impostor in first post, of a Sunday, 27 September 2009, hardly knew what was published in this medium. What I cared about was getting a few lines, without image support, could enter and reach that page to see the light.

The beginnings are never easy, Sometimes we hit the first while others need to abuse the trial and error process an almost infinite number (or broad) times. Where do I press to do something? How I can write in this new environment for me? We may feel awkward, or we think we justify that the design of this space is not as "user friendly" than you should. It is equal, the end of the day I will not catch up so I'll let you continue losing it in this review.

De Bitácoras salté a Blogger y, later, to WordPress with own domain. Images that could not get into that first post became the reason for my publications. The image as expressive basis, recopilatoria, illustrative of, simply, pleasant.

Today I am 1000 entries and several thousand images from own production. That beginning led me to many corners of my interest … and I shared with the thousands who pass daily through this space. Thanks for motivating me.

We celebrated our 1000 cumplepost ;)

We celebrated our 1000 cumplepost 😉