Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Foreclosures in the 13, Rue's Percebe [Humor]

13_rue_percebeAlthough not to laugh never an embargo, I found that this version of the vignette “13 Rue the barnacle” is a reflection, humorous, of Spanish reality.

The model's abusive banking that has allowed this unfortunate social situation has had an impact on European legal instances.

The lack of response of governments should be compensated by other instances that balance the current system. While, citizens, continue to call for changes to public demonstrations and gestures like this, in which the image irony forcefully describes the painful reality of many people.

13, Rue the Barnacle is a cartoon series created by Francisco Ibáñez Spain. The first page was published in the first issue of the second stage of the magazine Tío Vivo (6 March 1961) and soon gained enormous popularity for its novel and unusual structure.(W)


It will cost us replayed with the same eyes campaign “The Homemade” ,web page, and sketches humorísticos directed by Javier Fesser who have used this unique fictional scenario.