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Graphic PIZiadas

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The problem of the spin Center

logo_giroA rotation in the plane is determined by its Center (spinning) and the rotated angle. This is equivalent to defining three simple data, two for the Center (coordinates “x” and “and”) and one for the value of the angle in degrees in any of the three systems of units that we use, centesimal degree, sexagesimal and radians.

Normally we tend to solve many direct problems in which there are twists in geometry. Give us a figure and we request that, with a true Center, revolve it with a certain angle. Less common is the reverse problem.

If we put two equal objects on a plane in any position …

Is there a twist that allows me to move from one position to another?

Would you be able to determine the center of rotation and the rotated angle)


As always, After a few days you will find a link to the solution at the end of the page