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Graphic PIZiadas

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The beauty of pollination [ TED ] [ Video ]


Louie Schwartzberg told us about the dependence we have on each other in one of those wonderful talks we see in TED , The talk was accompanied with beautiful images captured with high-speed cameras: The hidden beauty of pollination Pollination: it’s vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye…. (leer más)

Life of flowers [ Timelapse ]


“Artbeats Timelapse Flowers” es una bella secuencia realizada con la técnica de “Time-lapse“. Nos muestra una cuidada selección de aperturas de capullos de flores, captured and edited by Vladimir Vorobyov with Premiere Pro 5.1, a la que se ha añadido un animado tema musical: Music: West One Music. album: 067 Simple Strings. Track: Happy-go-lucky Time-lapse:… (leer más)

Spirals [School]


The geometry is shown in the elements of nature. Everyday forms can be described in simple geometric graphical models. We live by both the geometry on a daily basis without giving too much attention.
My students have reflected on this and we have presented some examples of their work, like this short article you are looking spirals in our environment

Red Azalea [Imagen]

red azalea flower

A new image, in this case an Azalea Flower. One of the main differences between azaleas and the rest of the rhododendron family is their size and growth of the flower. Rhododendrons flowers develop in clusters, while most azaleas have terminal blooms (a… (leer más)

Crepuscular Rays


Among the most common atmospheric phenomena are called “Crepuscular Rays”. They occur when the sun's rays are partially occluded by a cloud that acts as a mask, y se difuminan en la atmósfera iluminando partículas de polvo en suspensión. Podemos observarlos en cualquier latitud, produciéndose especialmente en horas próximas a los crepúsculos y… (leer más)

Geometry in Nature: Regular pentagon [Oleander]


The pentagons are five-sided polygonal shapes. In case be regular, the length of these is the same for all of them. The pentagon has five vertices, and in the case of regular we differentiate between “convex” y los estrellados. Un pentágono regular es aquél que tiene todos sus lados iguales y… (leer más)