Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Pesquero : Detalle [ Cycles ][ Blender ][ Wallpaper ]

Detalle del pesquero

A detail view of the fishing boat model which shows the effect of emissive surfaces defined in “Cycles” lighting and its effect on the environment, on the different surfaces of the boat.

The outline of the mountains of the stage, profiled in a blur due to camera blur bring realism to the set.

Pesquero [ Cycles ][ Blender ][ Wallpaper ]


An exercise of the engine render “Cycles” of a fishing boat in a simple scenario, composed of some mountains generated automatically with the plugin “Landscape” Blender and ocean with the modifier “Ocean”. The foreground object is a 3D model of a fishing boat in the network obtained, al as specified end.