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Graphic PIZiadas

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Animación Tsunamis: Chile Vs Japan

Two animations made by numerical simulation in which we can see the spread of the energy released by the earthquake measuring 8,8 and the Tsunami generated after the earthquakes in Chile and Japan. A model that makes a forecast of the advance of the front of waves generated in the Pacific Ocean, and that allows us to observe… (leer más)


Not just a number, today, for all, its 33 stories of overcoming. When we hear this number will return the memory images of some of the most dramatic rescues that have been carried out. Games, videos, noticias y redes sociales han vibrado con el rescate de los 33 mineros chilenos de la… (leer más)

Chile 13-10-10

Florencio, the first Chilean miner rescued at the San Jose mine, near which the camp was generated “Hope”. He has risen to the surface in the capsule “Fenix” in a historic rescue. Congratulations Chile ! With updates: Galería de fotos One miner rescued; 32 to go Joy as first Chile miners freed BBC… (leer más)

Terremotos: Trends for Haiti and Chile

The interest news diluted over time. Are we interested in Haiti? Are we interested in Chile? Are we concerned about the football? Sometimes I think only for a short time. en la red No nos olvidemos de Chile ni de Haití. Source of graphic:, páginas de tendencias,chili,futbol/90 el 5… (leer más)

Earthquake in Chile : First time on the net

Bandera Chile

Collection of links about the Earthquake in Chile and possible Tsunami, updated throughout the day. Extended to the valuation by the media and the new produced from Sunday news 28 February. Chile(Wikipedia) Imágenes wikipedia LISTA DE LUGARES DONDE COMPRAR PROVISIONES Mapa colaborativo de Comercio LISTA DE LUGARES DONDE COMPRAR PROVISIONES Establecimientos comerciales… (leer más)