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Crepuscular Rays


Among the most common atmospheric phenomena are called “Crepuscular Rays”. They occur when the sun's rays are partially occluded by a cloud that acts as a mask, y se difuminan en la atmósfera iluminando partículas de polvo en suspensión. Podemos observarlos en cualquier latitud, produciéndose especialmente en horas próximas a los crepúsculos y… (leer más)


When we talk about roles in pollinating plants always tend to think of bees as major mediators. There are other insects that also fulfill these functions, well as mammals and birds. In the picture accompanying. se puede observar la acción de una hormiga que al buscar el néctar de la flor realiza… (leer más)



In botany, antófilo petal is part of the corolla of a flower. It is the inner part of the perianth, which comprises the sterile parts of a flower. In a flower “typical” los pétalos son llamativos y coloreados, y rodean las partes reproductivas. El número de pétalos en una flor es indicativo… (leer más)



FotoMorph is a free application that allows imaging morphs easily and intuitively. Allows elementary or composite morphs (multiple) with an interface that is between an image editing application and the characteristic of nonlinear video editing. FotoMorph tiene funcionalidad para otras deformaciones… (leer más)

Set parameters of a mosaic of images [Foto-Mosaik]

We have seen how to make a mosaic stepping Picture. We will see below how two important parameters affecting adjustment in the final mosaic, una imagen compuesta por un determinado número de imágenes que se adaptan para formar una imagen de mayor tamaño, using the Photo-Mosaic software. The two parameters object of… (leer más)

Mosaic pictures with step by step photo-Mosaik


Let's see step by step how we can generate a mosaic based on an image gallery, with it software “Photo-Mosaic“. Each one of them images will act as a macro pixel to build the final image. For him hacer una mosaic continue operating sequence that you can sign conceptually reduce the: Generar the database… (leer más)

How to make a photo mosaic with images? [Foto-Mosaik]


An image on a computer screen is formed by a set of points, called pixels, Color.

Our perception supported by the Gestalt laws make us believe that it is a continuous image although its nature is discrete.

An application that easily allows a mosaic of a photograph from a set of images is the software Photo-Mosaic.

Semillas voladoras de Diente de león [Imagen]

Spring is coming and we begin to see new growth in plants Station. Flying seeds, an intelligent dissemination strategy Nature Genetics, soon began to be shifting their genetic content in a frantic search for a space in which to anchor its content to continue their life cycle…. (leer más)

Lichen 2 [image]

From Venezuela forwarded me two photos you made on a Garden in Caracas by Ana Carolina, as a contribution to the blog in its section on the trees. They seem to be two coconut trees that produce beautiful pink flowers. I appreciate the contribution they have made and that allows me to broaden the spectrum informative blog with information from other countries. New commemorative images… (leer más)