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Geometría y naturaleza

Desde la formación de las estructuras minerales hasta los diseños biológicos más complejos, la geometría de las formas marca los patrones elementales de estos diseños.
Buscar modelos naturales para su reproducción en sociedades civilizadas ha sido una constante que ha impulsado nuestro desarrollo como sociedad tecnificada.

Trip inside a fractal

mandelbrot set

A journey into one of the most studied and known fractal called the Mandelbrot set in honor of Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry. The video has been made for projection in a planetarium, rendering each frame individually. 7 meses de trabajo para un zoom que nos sumerge en… (leer más)

Recursive Fractals: Koch Curve [JAVA]


We have seen a first program called “DrawWorld” we introduced the JAVA programming oriented graphics. This module has served on the program to see a recursive fractal primer: The triangle Sierpisnki.

Let's change this basic program to generate a new basic recursive fractal: Kuch curve.

3D Animation, Examples: Create a Snowflake [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


Let's see how we can create a snowflake using the Blender geometry editor 2.6.

A snowflake, as we have used to create a wallpaper, is a fractal (self-similar) with six axes of symmetry. Its structure is therefore based on models which are essentially hexagonal, as shown in the attached image. Each arm hence repeated six times on each of the flakes, although there are different configurations depending on the crystallization conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Apophysis: Fractal gallery

Gallery with 100 fractal images obtained with the editing software Aphophysis

This program creates a type called fractal image “fractal flames” or flame fractals using various tools, that includes an editor that allows you to modify directly the transformations that form fractal image, window transformations applied random mutation, Setting a window that lets you change the color and position of the image, and even a script-like language. Fractals can also export to other specific programs to render pictures of type “fractal flame” as Flam3 (W)

Apophysis: Software para crear Imagen fractales


Los fractales sound comunmente conocidos in the belleza de sus representaciones, aunque lejos mass is surprisingly encuentran los hacen una de su compleja interpretación Mathematica implícita. Benoît Mandelbrot, un genio visionario surprisingly intuyó el concepto of fractal dimension, aportando Imagen de una Nueva Vision de estas en application de la investigación multipurpose CAMPOS científica. The… (leer más)

Recursive Fractals: Sierpinski Triangle [JAVA]


We have seen a first program called “DrawWorld” we introduced the JAVA programming oriented graphics. Veamos como modificar este programa elemental para generar un fractal recursivo básico: From Sierpinski triangle. (View as generating a recursive fractal) Es un fractal que se construye de forma recursiva a partir de un triángulo… (leer más)

What looks like a fern, the coast and a snowflake?

The work done by my students in educatica innovation projects to improve teaching by incorporating new technologies, I want to highlight one that includes a very topical issue, and transcribe literally. Fue publicado originalmente en sus blogs durante el curso 2009-2010. Fractales por Catetos de la Geometría… (leer más)

In memoriam: Benoît Mandelbrot: TED : Spanish versions

A few hours ago I heard of the death of the father of the “Fractal geometry”, Benoît Mandelbrot, un genio visionario surprisingly intuyó el concepto of fractal dimension. I still remember ago 20 años cuando las noches se conectaban con la mañana programando mis primeros fractales, la transformación en el plano complejo era un simple juego matemático… (leer más)

How to generate a Recursive Fractal.

Fractals have been commonly known by its appearance or artistic expression. Benoît Mandelbrot defended its importance now begins to glimpse. Escher drew them from his imagination, without knowing complex equations representing.

(Imagen M.C. Escher's "Gravity")

The use of fractals in diversss disciplines, as generators of complex systems models, are an area of ​​research ever more present.

An approach to fractal geometry can be easily performed by the Koch curve.