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Spanish Reverence for the people of Japan


Today I saw a human initiative blog that I found extraordinary, a tribute to the Japanese people as a video, with an action of their own culture: A bow. El gran valor simbólico de esta acción, I will surprised, is by its beauty, ya que es uno de los símbolos de… (leer más)

Japan pixelated images


These days our retinas have been impressed with the images of the earthquake suffered by Japan, and desolation that caused the tsunami that was generated on its shores. He prepared, with the flag of Japan, an image type “mosaic” with 150 Photographs of these days which passed across the network, as… (leer más)

The flag of Japan is radioactive [Animated GIF]

After the tsunami, Japan faces serious logistical problems to repair their infrastructure and ensure supply to the population. These logical challenges in a natural disaster is also the risk of radioactive contamination, as a result of accidents suffered by their nuclear reactors. I leave a picture, Animated GIF,… (leer más)

Japón: El imperio del sol naciente


Japón (日本 Nihon o Nippon, oficialmente 日本国 Nihon-koku o Nippon-koku, ‘Estado de Japón’; significado literal: ‘el país del origen del sol’) Nippon-koku ▶?/i, es un país insular del este de Asia. Está ubicado entre el océano Pacífico y el mar del Japón, al este de China, Rusia y la península de Corea. (W) Animation made with Sqirlz Water Reflections Terremoto and tsunami in Japan 2011… (leer más)

Animación Tsunamis: Chile Vs Japan

Two animations made by numerical simulation in which we can see the spread of the energy released by the earthquake measuring 8,8 and the Tsunami generated after the earthquakes in Chile and Japan. A model that makes a forecast of the advance of the front of waves generated in the Pacific Ocean, and that allows us to observe… (leer más)