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Graphic PIZiadas

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Sketchfab : ideal for 3D files

Do you want to add a 3D object can be manipulated in your blog? Would you like to share your models with the community? Youtube-as it allows us to watch videos and incorporate them into our spaces of communication, There are tools to share 3D content.
We have seen some repository of 3D models dedicated to the world of space exploration as the “Celestia Motherlode” NASA, You can download these models in some relevant formats.
Sketchfab is a platform to host and share our 3D models, which allows to visualize them embedded in our blog.

Soma resin [ 3D Printer ]

Soma resin

3D printers are becoming more common in college environments, industrial and scientific. Gradually incorporate other household types to become an element of our toolboxes.

These tools allow 3D models from a data file that describes the geometry. Normally be used for parts or mechanical objects or simple rapid prototyping.

Here I present the results of using this technique to produce 3D views of the soma of a neuron, that can be used for the study neuroscientists morphologically.

Couple of cartoon characters


In many animation productions are pairs of characters that complement; are clearly differentiated and can be antagonistic or contrary in some aspect: One high and one low; one fat and the other skinny; one dark and the other fair; one with long hair and the other with little hair; one set and the other …. less ready.

A character designer or “Character Designer” be the person who give personality to the character. You have to get the character to have "life” and to provide some kind of feeling.

NASA 3D Models


The NASA official pages offer 3D models gallery free use, que pueden ser utilizados en nuestras animaciones. Los modelos se encuentran en diferentes formatos y grado de detalle: Blender, 3DS, OBJ. La lectura de estos ficheros de geometría 3D desde nuestras aplicaciones, You can assume the loss of detail in the… (leer más)