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Bosque de neuronas Freestyle en Cycles desenfocado [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

Vimos como la nueva versión de Blender nos sugería realizar una serie de pruebas para conocer las bondades del modo de renderizado no fotorealista (NPR) called Freestyle.

Version 2.72 incorpora la posibilidad de realizar un desenfoque de la imagen en el entorno de un punto dado.

Podemos realizar una nueva interpretación del Bosque de neuronas Freestyle incorporando esta nueva e interesante funcionalidad.

Bosque de neuronas Freestyle [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

The new version of Blender suggests a series of tests to determine the benefits of non-photorealistic rendering mode (NPR) called Freestyle.
A forest of neurons may be an organic example of interest to try to rearrange a complex image with the contours provided by this image generation method.

CLARITY allows us to obtain images of the brain: Stanford's Deisseroth Lab [Neurociencia]

Of video clips made by Karl Deisseroth y Kwanghun Chung, Stanford University.

The first shows a walk in the intact brain of a mouse, technique using a fluorescent imaging on a whole brain that previously could only be performed in a brain sectioned into thin slices.

The second sample is a 3D nature of memory in a mouse brain, o hipocampo, composed of different cell types:

Purkinje cell [ Imagen ]

Purkinje cells are a type of neuron in the cerebellar cortex in the brain stem.

They have numerous spines on their dendrites that form a highly branched tree.

They are high value anatomical. A cell obtained is presented in the database in the attached image Neuromorpho, and corresponds in particular to a rat treated in Martone laboratoio. For repreentación have used two colors that have established a color ramp that can be associated with anatomical, morphological, the dendritic tree.

Happy holidays CAJAL

From these pages I want to commend the work of researchers from different disciplines, and in particular, those involved in the project Cajal Bluebrain from different agencies such as the Instituto Cajal or universities like PSU ( coordinating the project and brings supercomputing center CesViMa for your super computer simulation Margerit), URJC(taking responsibility for developing advanced display systems) , and Castilla-La Mancha.

Soma resin [ 3D Printer ]

Soma resin

3D printers are becoming more common in college environments, industrial and scientific. Gradually incorporate other household types to become an element of our toolboxes.

These tools allow 3D models from a data file that describes the geometry. Normally be used for parts or mechanical objects or simple rapid prototyping.

Here I present the results of using this technique to produce 3D views of the soma of a neuron, that can be used for the study neuroscientists morphologically.

We spoke with Javier DeFelipe on Innovation and Neuroscience


After the conference Innovation & Neuroscience: Innovation in science: what makes us humanosimpartida by Professor Javier DeFelipe in the BBVA Innovation Center 18 October, conducted a short interview that has been edited with images of the event.

Javier reinforces the idea of ​​the need for post-processing image recognition and chart the progress of science.

Innovation & Neuroscience: Innovation in science: what makes us human


Javier DeFelipe left us engrossed for near 80 minutes with an interesting talk, within the cycle of conferences on innovation that celebrates the BBVA.

I connect this input to keep this magical moment in which a more skilled people currently in this field, has given us some of your time with a masterful oratory.

Completion of the dendrites and axon [ image ]

Neuron visual lobe of a bumblebee

Image of a neuron, VCH-cobalt, of a bumblebee (“Blowfly”) female, situated in its visual lobe, that has been treated with visualization software to segment neuron model based on various parameters.

In this case, the neuron is colored highlighting varying the diameter of the filiform elements that compose (axon and dendrites).

Brain IV : Brain - Glossy [ Imagen ][ Wallpaper ]


A new rendering of the 3D model of the brain made with Blender animation software.
In this case we have defined material surfaces “Glossy” and has used a shader (render) with the new model called “Cycles” technique that uses a multi-pass rendering with light transport.

Human Connectome Project


The project “Human Connectome Project” is designed to investigate human brain connectivity, namely, how to connect different brain areas forming the circuits that make us feel and reason.

One goal is to draw an atlas of brain connections, allowing desarrolo and analyze their performance.