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Graphic PIZiadas

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Scale of the Universe (interactive)


In NASA pages every day we can find a picture of astronomy, some of great beauty and other, no less gripping, educational character marking.

Last 12 March 2012, published an interactive Flash application that allows you to appreciate the different orders of magnitude of our universe. From the tiniest on a scale in which the atoms are enormous, to the most massive of our universe, where the biggest stars are simple points of light.

Proyecto “Neurona”

This post aims to show publicly a development project I am carrying out the social network Twitter. Its purpose is to inform the community that I relate to an activity of scientific interest in which people are participating indirectly you share my space (TL).

¿Paper Blog? Work of our students.

The so-called “new educational models” (not so new) advocate the use of methodologies activas.Aprender “doing” and “playing” an active role in their learning. Part of the work of the student is the work of collection development and content development. El formato papel utilizado actualmente puede ser sustituido por nuevos medios y… (leer más)