Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Emission RGB [ Wallpaper ] [ Blender ]

Nueva imagen to be used as fondo de escritorio ( Wallpaper) with minimalist geometric patterns, that has been generated in Blender with Cycles render engine. Diffuse materials have been used (Difusse) for different surfaces, and other emissive character for RGB color areas.

A geometric composition with basic colors can observe the behavior of light when mixed (aditivamente) on the surfaces of the scene

RGB [ Cycles ] [ Wallpaper ]


An exercise in rendering the engine Cycles, Spot type three foci in the primary colors of light (Red, Green, Blue), projected onto three planes (horizontal bands) textured glass (glass) in identical colors.
The sum of the different colors allows for other side, and center, where all the three foci, The white color.

Node editor: Converter: RGBA [Blender]

Among the color filters that we have in the Blender node editor, we can find a “RGB primary color filter” we separates the image into the three main channels color.que used in digital format the same name.

We can see in this example how an image with different colors is broken down into each of the color channels. White is the sum of all colors, then has components in all cases.

Node editor: HSL color [Blender]

The best known color model is the RGB; uses three channels of information to the primary color components (Red, green and blue) and, sometimes, Additional other known “alpha” which is used for information about the transparency of each pixel. Existen otros modelos como el HSL que representan los colores con otro… (leer más)