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Wallpaper: Christmas 2012 (XXIV) : Real or simulated? : Christmas Tinsel and nuts on wood [ Imagen 1280×1024 y HD 1920 x 1080 ] [ Cycles ] [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

Tuerca, tornillo y espumillón de navidad sobre mesa de madera

A new wallpaper which straddles the number of graduates realistic wallpaper “Real or simulated?” and “wallpapers de navidad 2012 – 2013” recreating the work entitled “Nuts and Bolts” adding classic Christmas tinsel made in Blender.

A fund-like embossed wooden table serves to support the tinsel, and nut-screw with balls reflecting an environment map.

Nuts and Bolts [ Wallpaper ] [ Blender ]

Nuts and Bolts

Blender incorporates the ability to create threaded bolts and nuts in a simple. These joints are complex to model using traditional editing tools, so grateful that they are incorporated into the latest versions of software.

To access these utilities we enter the User Preferences menu and activate the functionality.