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Sacred Geometry [School]

simbolo_sagradoReligion has formed an essential part of different cultures.

An issue of this importance has not gone unnoticed by my students who have dedicated an entry on their blog.

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"Sacred Geometry"

Sacred geometry is called, in a restrictive, to one involving designs that relate to religious worship. In all cultures and throughout the ages, the temples, funerary buildings, sacred spaces, paintings and sculptures devoted to worship give sample of the many examples of the same.


simbolo_sagradoLiterally bladder (vesica), to fill with air which takes the form of fish (Pisces). It was the central plot of Sacred Geometry in Christian mysticism of the Middle Ages. Symbolically represents Christ.

The morphologically linked vesica a fish, it was the symbol that identified the early Christians in the Roman Empire who used it as a secret code to identify each other.

Construction of the Vesica Pisces

Its construction is to draw a circle of any radius and center A. Selecting any point (B) This draws another circle circumference with the same radius. The intersection of the two circles determines an area called Vesica Pisces (VP).


Axes are drawn from the VP: the major axis and the minor axis CD AB. Segments determines CA , AD , CB the BD. All are equally, because they are the circumference radios. It thus has two equilateral triangles within the VP: Triangle ABC and the triangle U.S..

CA and CB is extended to its intersection with the circumferences, obtaining points F and E. CE and CF are diameters of the circles. It can be proved that FD = DE = Radii of the circles, therefore the triangles BDE and ADF are equilateral.
The triangle CDE, D is rectangle:

EC 2 = CD2 + DE 2

CD2 = EC 2 – DE 2