Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Virtual musical machine [Animation]

music_machineOne of the lines of work by many professional animators is to develop mills capable of generating synchronized movement music.

These experiences will eventually develop a whole media space with synthetic image.

Some of these works have reached an important stage of development, as you can see in the following videos.

The musical style logically be or not to our liking, and models can adapt to. Nigel Doyle adapts this idea to a more baroque in this animation made with trueSpace6.6.

More modern works such as Animusic, that incorporate futuristic characters

Or the work entitled “Resonant Chamber” en la que se muestra un curioso ingenio “mecatronico-musical” son una simple muestra del amplio conjunto de trabajos que podemos encontrar sobre esta temática.

Modelos más o menos complejos, que incorporan elementos geométricos en esta nueva definición de arte sonoro-visual

denominada “Acoustic Curves”

Termino con un interesante trabajo académico limitado a 60 segundos de gran belleza Ricmic Tides