Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Educate playing with impossible figures

Doble interpretaciónImpossible figures can be real simple objects that produce optical illusions obtained by proper perspective.

Use from the educational point of view can be justified in requiring a detailed analysis for understanding.

Based on the basic idea that states the Figure-law background design an object for use in training of technical drawing.

They can also be approached as a challenge for the student who can compete with others in an educational game object identification. Do not forget that play activities encourage interest in the learning process, entertain and arouse curiosity for the study of new cases: Learning enjoying.


Figure impossible

This figure may seem impossible at first glance but it is not. The first impression is that the bottom is in the foreground at a time to meet at the back.

This apparent ambiguity produces a splitting in the interpretation and consequently the appearance of being correct definition.

The goal is for students to try to identify the correct form of the piece, Geometric using their resources, not being deceived by perception.

The Gestalt laws play an important role in this perceptual process, but reason and knowledge must overcome the deception of perspective.

?How is really the object?


Figure possible

With a slight modification we can read (interpret) easily.

We simply break the overlapping lines eg cutting one of the conflict zones.

This modification allows us to break the ambiguity and then return to the original model for model interpretarel back from the experience gained from this simple operation.

This scheme of work can be seen reinforced by a geometric analysis of the object that has attracted our attention.

Then we can propose new items that are based on similar or proposing to student designs design your own model to analyze what a partner, encouraging peer interaction based on competitive play.

This second variant is more training as the student becomes an active element that brings creativity to your designs, strengthening the knowledge.

The solution to the problem from the point of view of technical drawing is trivial. Its dihedral projections can be characterized as low complexity as there are only parallel to the planes of representation and the basic shapes that compose ortoédricas faces are in all cases.

Solución del problema


I leave a couple of examples similar to the previous, jugando learn to follow.

Otra figura casi imposible

Another figure almost impossible


Figure and ground