Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Pumpkins of my students (XIII) Challenge to the perception

Screenshot 2013-02-13 to(s) 23.11.42To propose the work of creation of a pumpkin of halloween in Blender, a mis alumnos, nunca pensé que se le pudiera sacar tanto jugo al ejercicio.

Besides the interesting variety of models created to recreate the classic face, I found myself with a perceptive curiosity that led me to a detailed analysis of some aspects of the Leyes de la Gestalt in the class.

Perhaps the first problem arose to expect something concrete based on the example proposed in the class: an image on the internet with different halloween pumpkins.

Pumpkins of reference for the work

To see the work of the student, I sent him a terse email:

You explain it to me?

As much as I watched her work …. He could not interpret the face of halloween !


Sergio Carrasco of pumpkin

The problem of interpretation was resolved to see the original model who referred me to a link:


You see the ghost?


Expected, it “daily” I could see the obvious. A curious case of distortion of perception by the conditioning of the image used as a model, by assumption previous, or effect “Figure background