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To be Professor of drawing in high school you need a Master

Screenshot 2015-05-20 to(s) 20.33.40To become Professor of technical drawing in secondary, What to do? Can I become Professor of drawing in high school?

Many of my students have asked me what to do to be Professor of drawing, course that I teach at the University. The answer is always the same do teacher what? It is not the same be University professor who became an Institute Professor.

In both cases there are different figures and subjects that have always had a significantly different treatment. In particular of technological subjects have had various other requirements. It was not the same Professor of physics than drawing, Since in the former case, before required a Bachelor's degree while that in the second could be with a diploma in technical engineering.

For many years I've been training teachers in the ICE of the UPM, and for some I have been the main coordinator of the evidence of selectivity of the community of Madrid specialising in technical drawing, addressing the debate on the training needs of our teachers of middle schools. As coordinator of the specific module of the MASTER LEAARNING TEACHER TRAINING. AND HIGH SCHOOL (ESP. GRAPHIC EXPRESSION) (Master of the UPM) I have worked on defining the strategy of formation of our future teachers of drawing and, thus, he allowed me to undertake these indicative lines for those that you are interested in becoming teachers of Expression graphics in high school (Drawing).

Currently to be Professor in secondary education it is necessary to have an enabling certification and a specific master's degree allowing you to access a private Centre squares or corresponding objections that enable to practice in public schools. There are currently some 300.000 squares of teachers, distributed in a 75% in public facilities and a 25% in private centres.


As whole, things have been changing to go adapting the collective of teachers training; This has resulted in the case of secondary education, as you mentioned, that it has gone to demand a pedagogical adaptation course (CAP) that he taught the institutes of Education Sciences (ICEs) different universities, to require a specific master's degree for each specialty.

You can also find a contents to be taught on the subjects of drawing in high school published in the corresponding official Gazette: BOE No.. 3 Saturday 3 January 2015 SEC. I. PAG. 233 to 238, While the requirements for the verification of official university qualifications that enable for the exercise of the professions of teacher of compulsory secondary education are in BOE 312 of 29/12/2007 SEC 1 PAG 53751 to 53753 where is determine competencies must acquire the future teachers in each of the three modules that must be the Master:

  • Generic
  • Specific
  • Practicum

The skills needed for the accreditation of the title shall acquire following the completion of these three modules.

Plug-ins for the training discipline

  • Learn about the educational and cultural value the corresponding specialization matters and the content that is present in the respective teachings.
  • Get to know the history and recent developments materials and their prospects for being able to pass a dynamic vision of the same.
  • Meet contexts and situations in which they are used or apply the curricular contents.
  • In vocational training, get to know the evolution of the workforce, the interaction between society, work and quality of life, as well as the need to acquire adequate training for the adaptation to changes and transformations that might require the professions.
  • In the case of psycho-pedagogical and vocational guidance, Learn about the processes and resources for the Prevention of learning disabilities and coexistence, the processes of evaluation and academic and vocational guidance.

Learning and teaching of the corresponding matters

  • Know the theoretical and practical developments of the teaching and learning of relevant materials.
  • Transform curricula in activity programmes and working. Purchase selection criteria and production of educational materials.
  • Foster a climate that facilitates the learning and put in value the contributions of students.
  • Integrate training in audiovisual and multimedia communication in the teaching process- learning.
  • Meet strategies and techniques of evaluation and understand the evaluation as an instrument of regulation and stimulus to the effort.

Introduction to educational research and teaching innovation

  • Know and apply innovative educational proposals in the field of specialization courses.
  • Critically analyze the performance of teaching, good practices and orientation using quality indicators.
  • Identify the problems relating to the teaching and learning of the subjects of specialization and consider alternatives and solutions.
  • Know and apply methodologies and basic techniques of educational research and evaluation and be able to design and develop research projects, innovation and evaluation.


I leave a link to the Master in teacher training in the specialty of graphic expression (Drawing) of which I am Coordinator and teach at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), and I encourage you view the possibility of participating in this beautiful world of education.


We find the following subjects in the curriculum:

Block I generic

  • Organization of educational institutions of secondary education and vocational training.
  • Learning and personality development.
  • Sociedad, family and education.
  • Educational processes.
  • Media and techniques of communication support.
  • Technologies of information and communication for learning and knowledge.
  • Background and history of the graphical representation

Block specific II

  • Conceptual bases of the graphical representation
  • Future and research of the graphic representation
  • Computer-aided drawing
  • Drawing freehand and croquización
  • Artistic intensification: "Technical plastic workshop"
  • Intensifying technical scientist: "Research in the area conferences"
  • Graphical programming languages
  • Academic and professional English for international educational environments

The Master is completed with a Practicum that are developed 100 hours of practical activity in an educational centre and a End of Master work You can access the title.

You can find information about the specialties of high school and other information in the links below.

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