Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Sketchfab : ideal for 3D files

Screenshot 2015-06-05 to(s) 23.30.29Do you want to add a 3D object can be manipulated in your blog? Would you like to share your models with the community? Youtube-as it allows us to watch videos and incorporate them into our spaces of communication, There are tools to share 3D content.

We have seen some repository of 3D models dedicated to the world of space exploration as the “Celestia Motherlode” NASA, You can download these models in some relevant formats.

Sketchfab It is a platform to host and share our 3D models, which allows to visualize them embedded in our blog.
It supports many formats including the most commonly used in 3D as Blender animation, 3D Studio, Wavefront, Open inventor etc.… Currently they are 28 the native formats that can be uploaded, having different modules to export to our favorite tools the models that we can download.

You can access the website at the following link

I leave one of the models that are available in this space designed to share 3D models. You can interact with the mouse with the model to change the point of view or zoom on the model. You can also cambioar some of the display parameters.

Robinson R44
by Anna Smirnoff
on Sketchfab