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Predictions for this week [ Humor ]

The week has complicated. Between traffic jams, loss of purchasing power that complicates the Christmas shopping, rumors about the accident Santa Claus and other more or less disastrous omens …..

Andy (Android) y su novia (V..) [ School ]

Lady Android

We have seen different interpretations of the pair of Andy (Android) looking for a minimalist characterization of a new character.

The conceptualization of the genus has been based on the color as the main element, body shape and added some details that have given a “touch” special character:

Andy (Android) in the office with a Mac


Can you imagine Google employees using an iphone? What the Apple with Nexus?

Pass, pueder spend; and certainly would be news to locate a picture of this event.

This is the idea that developed Nikolay Dragoev to perform his new work in Blender for animation course. In previous installments had worked the character, Andy (mascota of Android) and your partner. Now we consider the need for an environment in which to move, like your house, the beach, work ….

Android Doodle

Las tipografías empleadas en los textos son parte esencial de la imagen de una marca.

Google ha sabido explotar esto modificando la portada de su buscador de forma magistral con lo que ha acabado denominándose “Doodles”.

Como ejercicio de uso de tipografías en Blender se me ha ocurrido diseñar un Doodle con Android, para celebrar su quinto cumpleaños y como ejemplo aplicado de diseño, para motivar a mis alumnos de animación.

Andy (Android) y su novia (II) [ School ][ Blender ]


The work of my students on the creation of a couple of characters, in this case for Andy (mascota of Android) in their fifth birthday, we provide expressive resources of great interest.

The pursuit of feminine traits in a change aspects like character tabs, and also, as is the case at present Vicente Gil de Sola, body curves.

Andy (Android) y su novia (I) [ School ][ Blender ]

Novia de Andy

En los cursos de animación por ordenador con Blender trabajamos algunos conceptos artísticos mientras desarrollamos los técnicos de edición y producción de imagen de síntesis.

Las parejas de personajes dan juego a la hora de modelizar personajes de forma amena y divertida.

Los motivos elegidos como trabajo suelen asociarse a aspectos cotidianos o sucesos de interés que inspiran las propuestas.

iHalloween – Pumpkin my Mac


When we decorate our computer always think of a desktop background or wallpaper suitable to the occasion.
There are other fun ways to “tunearlo” out that do not need a complex software or an expensive investment.

Have scissors and some Post-it notes?

The most famous of these festivals are objects pumpkins. Can we convert our Apple logo on your Mac in a fun character? I do not need to give too many instructions. 😉

Fabrice O. Joubert “French Roast” (2008) [ Animation ]

French Roast

Fabrice O. Joubert (Francia) created this award-winning animated 2008. A French cafe serves as a single stage, with four main characters, to get us a smile.

A businessman who has lost his portfolio is facing the difficult situation of being unable to pay the bill, or seek funding in an ugly way …