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Geometría proyectiva: Circumference as a series of second order

A circle is a conical axes are of equal length, hence we can say that its eccentricity is zero (eccentricity = 0). We can treat the circle as one series of second order, obtained by the intersection of two beams of rays congruent counterparts (same but rotated.) This treatment will be useful to use as a projective tool and resolve the determination of double elements in overlapping concentric series and do.

Applying the Pythagorean Theorem: Equation of the circle

One of the first applications that can be found in the Pythagorean theorem, is its use in determining the equation of a circle.

Metric relationship between the two legs of a right triangle are essentially the expression of the concept of Euclidean measure.

The points of a circle are equidistant from the center of the (O).

A circle is the locus of points in a plane equidistant from a fixed point and coplanar another call center in a constant amount called radio.(W)

Metric geometry: Circunferencias con condiciones angulares. Solución al Problema I

From the different solutions to the problem are proposed to obtain circumferences with angular conditions ( passing through a point, are tangent to a circle, forming an angle with a straight), we will analyze this solution using the application of the concepts of power used in the “Fundamental Problem Tangencies” ( PFT ).

The general model search can be the first step of a surveyor training. Later we discuss specific ways this particular problem that could simplify the tracking.