Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Outliner : Datablocks : Changing the display [ Blender ]

Al profundizar en Blender podemos cambiar numerosos parámetros que añaden una nueva dimensión al software al ampliar de forma sustancial sus posibilidades.

Uno de los menús que nos permiten realizar estos cambios lo encontramos en una de las secciones del “Outliner”, que hemos utilizado para visualizar y seleccionar el grafo de escena que contiene los elementos que la forman.

Worldmapper : Another way of looking with Maps earthlike

Worldmapper is a website that allows you to view data graphically, map shaped Earth, that tell us about our world: The distribution of wealth, its inequalities, risks etc..

The data associated with the different countries are projected on a globe that inflates or deflates their maps to see the impact of the studied data on each of the countries, modifying its appearance.

More than 600 maps covering each one of them a 200 territories, covering 99.95% of the world's population.

Gource: Visualizing Software Version Control History

Interpret information visually constantly. Symbolic representation techniques are becoming more sophisticated and apply to new fields of science and technology. The use of computers in the process of creating images that serve to analyze complex concepts, allows for interesting visual results, incluyendo secuencias de vídeo que pueden representar… (leer más)