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Conic as Locus Centers Circumferences Tangents

We have seen that the study of conic can be made from different geometric approaches. En particular, to start analyzing conic we have defined as the ellipse locus, we said that:

Ellipse is the locus of points in a plane whose sum of distances from two fixed points, called Spotlights, It has a constant value.

This metric definition of this curve allows us to address important study relating to the tangents circumferences, known as “Problem of Apollonius” in any of its versions. When we approach the study of the parabola or hyperbola return to reframe the problem to generalize these concepts and reduce problems “fundamental problem of tangents in the case straight”, or “fundamental problem of tangents in the case circumference”, namely, determining a circumference of a “Make corradical” a tangency condition.

Conical : Ellipse as locus

The study of conic can be made from different geometric approaches. One of the most used is the analysis that determined from planar sections in a cone of revolution.

From this definition it is possible to infer metric properties of these curves, plus new definitions of the same.

Ellipses and Parables around us [School]


A recurring job type blogs that have developed my students has been the search for and identification of the geometry in all aspects of their daily life, realizing the significance of it.

Conic curves studied in metric geometry section have a high interest in aeronautical engineering studies, and that help describe the trajectories of the bodies under the laws of gravity. Sin embargo, as clearly excel in their jobs, are not the only field of application. The short article that follows, performed by the student group calling itself “The Maze Angle” is a sample of these concerns in relation to the everyday.