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In Memoriam : Adolfo Suarez

Adolfo Suarez, the first president of the Spanish democracy, has been one of the people who have most influenced the regime change that occurs in Spain preconstitucional.
A person of great charisma who knew how to agree to a divided society after a war and decades of dictatorship.

In Memoriam : Paco de Lucia

A guitar with internet images of great singer and composer Paco de Lucia, in memory of what he has given us his great work.
Today we have lost the guitar wizard, al Cadiz learned that ear caressing one flamenco guitar.

Now navigate between two stools, playing along the camarón “as water”.

Santiago Carrillo Solares [ Mosaic ] [ Imagen ]

Santiago Carrillo

Mosaic photo D. Jose Santiago Carrillo Solares, highly relevant Spanish politician who was instrumental in the transition to democracy.

Gijón, 18 January 1915 – Madrid, 18 September 2012

The images that make up the mosaic were obtained with Google image search and belong to their authors. The mosaic has been made with the software MacOSaiX.

Iphone 5 [ Mosaic 2400 x 1200 ]


Another anticipated release with Apple's apple. El Iphone 5 has been revealing in different angles to create an expectation in the innovation-hungry technocrats.

The last few days have appeared or stolen images, at least, of doubtful origin, until the official presentation of the product.

A mosaic (almost a rosary) confuses our minds, like the image below commemorative event, comparing the old and new model, and you can view high resolution (iphone 4 Vs iphone 5 in 2400 x 1200) selecting it with the mouse.

In memoriam : Jean Giraud : Moebius


A mosaic with some of the most iconic images of the great comic artist Jean Giraud, Moebius, died at the 73 age. A master draftsman who illustrated our dreams with his fictional characters set in worlds past and future. Adios Mr. “Provides”, we have your work and your memory, your… (leer más)

Manuel Fraga Iribarne [ Mosaic ] [ Imagen ]


Mosaic photo D. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, highly relevant Spanish politician who was instrumental in the transition to democracy. Villalba 23 November 1922 –Madrid 15 January 2012. The images that make up the mosaic were obtained with Google image search and belong to their authors. Mosaic… (leer más)

Set parameters of a mosaic of images [Foto-Mosaik]

We have seen how to make a mosaic stepping Picture. We will see below how two important parameters affecting adjustment in the final mosaic, una imagen compuesta por un determinado número de imágenes que se adaptan para formar una imagen de mayor tamaño, using the Photo-Mosaic software. The two parameters object of… (leer más)

Japan pixelated images


These days our retinas have been impressed with the images of the earthquake suffered by Japan, and desolation that caused the tsunami that was generated on its shores. He prepared, with the flag of Japan, an image type “mosaic” with 150 Photographs of these days which passed across the network, as… (leer más)

Mosaic pictures with step by step photo-Mosaik


Let's see step by step how we can generate a mosaic based on an image gallery, with it software “Photo-Mosaic“. Each one of them images will act as a macro pixel to build the final image. For him hacer una mosaic continue operating sequence that you can sign conceptually reduce the: Generar the database… (leer más)

How to make a photo mosaic with images? [Foto-Mosaik]


An image on a computer screen is formed by a set of points, called pixels, Color.

Our perception supported by the Gestalt laws make us believe that it is a continuous image although its nature is discrete.

An application that easily allows a mosaic of a photograph from a set of images is the software Photo-Mosaic.

Firefox4 turns your logo into a mosaic of Twitter avatars

FIREFOX Browser is renewed with a new version that adds up several million downloads in its first moments of distribution. One of the ideas implemented for promotion has been to open a page where the logo is constructed with pixelated avatars twitter. He has called “Fiesta Twitter… (leer más)