Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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How to make a photo mosaic with images? [Foto-Mosaik]


An image on a computer screen is formed by a set of points, called pixels, Color.

Our perception supported by the Gestalt laws make us believe that it is a continuous image although its nature is discrete.

An application that easily allows a mosaic of a photograph from a set of images is the software Photo-Mosaic.

Firefox4 turns your logo into a mosaic of Twitter avatars

FIREFOX Browser is renewed with a new version that adds up several million downloads in its first moments of distribution. One of the ideas implemented for promotion has been to open a page where the logo is constructed with pixelated avatars twitter. He has called “Fiesta Twitter… (leer más)

Pixels Vs Voxels

The mixture of real image and image synthesis is usually performed in camouflaging the latter finding a deception of the senses. The integration is to make real what does not exist or is too complex to obtain.
Another way to use the image synthesis is enhance it by giving his own role; Using vivid colors and strong reflection that accentuates the plastic aspect of the production of synthesis we artworks as accompanying this article.

Pixel: That great unknown

En este artículo se analiza el concepto de “píxel gráfico” desde diferentes perspectivas, aportando reflexiones y enlace con diferentes disciplinas; Pensamientos interconectados a través de su estudio durante años de aprendizaje en el mundo gráfico. Al ser propuesta como redacción libre, It is approached from a relaxed speech without losing the rigor that grants… (leer más)