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Intersections in outlook: straight and cuboids

One of the classic problems of representation systems is to find the intersection of two elements, such as determining the intersection point between a line and a plane. Topological nature are problems in which the concepts of belonging prevail.

The problems are based on topological relationships are independent projection type in which they are.

Chicle geometry [ School ]

One of the first articles I wrote my students in the group “Geometry Hicks” was about the most basic aspects of geometry: Topology. To them I was curious to the concept and, inadvertently, were deepening in the main aspects of an axiomatic logical system geometric: continuity.

We began the experience of introducing educational innovation blogs as tool for energizing the group and we were with this pearl. I never fail to learn from them.

Origami : How to Book

book origami

The art of creating objects from a single sheet of paper, origami, is based on a few simple principles topological. An interesting example that may surprise us is the realization of a small book based on these techniques. Also, for younger, It can be a fun element that serves to bring them to this… (leer más)

Origami: Topological Principles [TED]


Todos hemos jugado en alguna ocasión con una hoja de papel para construir formas más o menos complejas, como las clásicas pajaritas o los típicos avioncitos que nos lanzábamos en el aula. Estas construcciones basadas en unos cuantos y simples principios topológicos constituyen un arte que se cultiva especialmente en algunos países asiáticos.