PIZiadas gráficas

PIZiadas gráficas

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HUGO: Highly Uniform Graphic Organization

HUGO (Highly Uniform Graphic Organization) is a software tool; it has been developed to generate graphical representations of neurons stored in Neuromorpho. HUGO is a JAVA based program.

In order to run HUGO it is necessary to previously install JAVA’s Virtual Machine, which is available at https://www.java.com/en/download/

The software is available at https://drive.upm.es/index.php/s/fQjNN5eIn4YN2df

The software presents the following advantages:

  • It provides unambiguous 2D neuron representations, eliminating the occlusions that occur in Z projection images, while still capturing the whole 3D anatomy of the cell.
  • It defines visual abstractions for neurons, based on circular dendrograms, where the selected morphological features are depicted in a symbolic way. This allows the emphasis of the most significant information for a specific task, placing less importance on less relevant features (or even hiding them completely).
  • It can be interactively parameterized in order to represent different variables, thereby also facilitating sorting and filtering operations according to different characteristics.

The proposed representation methodology provides a new resource for communicating information or performing visual analysis of morphological features for large populations of neurons. Although this method has been conceived specifically for the description of individual neuron morphologies, it can be integrated into more powerful combined morphological and physiological representations within a multiresolution framework.


Frontiers Methods Article:

A method for the symbolic representation of neurons

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