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Geometry Software

Geometry_software_educationGeometry is an educational tool for interactive geometry construction permits observation of geometric invariants dynamically modifying the position of the data.

Geometry is a program developed entirely in Java and distributed using a file “JAR” executable on any device that has a Java virtual machine. It has been tested on different operating systems and runtime environments, PDA-type mobile device including.

Alfinal of the page you can find a link to download the program “Geometry”


Program features

The different functions are accessible through a set of icons at the top.
The program can be found in two different states: Repeat command mode variational.

Repeat Repeat Mode: Each time you press the left mouse button repeats the last command. It is useful to create a collection of points, to string lines that support these points, change the color of elements, create a set of circles …
Move Variational Mode. Allows you to run a single command or function, or drag and move the points of the figure to get variations of the same

The basic form of operation of the application is based on defining a set of points in which the geometry is supported. These points serve to further define other elements, as lines and circles.

New_Point Add points: To add a new point will click on this icon and then press in the screen in the position we want to initially address. Then we drag the element dynamically
New line two points Add segments: To define a line (segment) need to have two points. These may have been created with the function point, or result from the intersection of two elements. Will press the icon and then creating lines on screen select the two elements that define the ends, which can be points, lines (midpoint) the circles (the center), and existing intersections.
Circunferencia por tres puntos Circumference by three points: The selected points will serve as a way point on the circumference
Circle diameter Diameter circumference: The selected points will determine the diameter of the circle
Circunferencia por su centro y radio Circumference by center and radius: The first point is used as the center of the circle. The second will be a point on the circumference and the radius determined in the same



Determine squareness features new auxiliary points used to determine angular lines with this condition.

Perpendicular 3 points Perpendicular line from a point to another. First select the line to which must be perpendicular and then the point from which we draw the perpendicular.
Perpendicular end Perpendicular line at one end:


Parallel Parallel line through a point: You can select a line or two crossing points to determine a direction. The last point selected will determine its position
Parallel Dimension: This feature is not fully implemented

Intersection of elements

Intersection two lines Intersection of two lines: Allow to obtain the point of intersection of two lines or segments determined by its ends. Segments can exist or be determined by four points.
Intersection circle line Intersection between line and circle: Allows for up to two points of intersection between a line defined by the ends of a segment and a circumference. The order in which the data are defined determines the obtained solution.
Intersection two circles Intersection of two circles: Lets get the two points of intersection of two circles. Again, the order in which data are selected determines which of the two solutions obtained.



The dot size can be changed, and the color of the elements. In the development version has been included modifying the line type.

Point size + Increases the size of the dots
Point size - Decreases the size of the dots


Deleting Items

The relationship between the geometric elements allow you to delete an item that is referenced by another. For this reason, only possible to delete elements in the reverse order in which they were generated, so that the geometric structure remains in a consistent state.

Clear Clear All
Clear last Delete the last element generated
Undo Recover your deleted item


Access to files

You can store in a file made geometric models; can also open previously saved files.

Open file Open file
Save file Save file


Download the program Geometry