Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Tetrahedron categories

Tetrahedrons in Blender

The solid modeling programs have basic objects called “primitive” from which can be generated by objects more complex geometric transformations, Boolean operations and editing vertices.
Knowledge of the properties of geometric figures allow us to generate other basic bodies that do not have the application, from the elements described above.

Modifiers in Blender : Ejemplo Skin : Character

Vamos a ver cómo podemos construir una superficie de cierta complejidad a partir del uso de diferentes modificadores en Blender. El objetivo no es obtener un modelo final, simplemente abordaremos un sencillo ejemplo de caracter didáctico que servirá de idea básica para elementos más elaborados.

Modifiers : Subdivision Surface [ Blender ]

We have seen how, generally, los modificadores en Blender cambian la representación de un objeto sin alterar su geometría.

Uno de los modificadores más utilizados es el denominado “Subdivision Surface”, que utiliza los modelos conocidos como “Catmull Clark” para suavizar superficies poliédricas con una técnica recursiva muy sencilla.

Producción de un muñeco de vinilo (Process of making vinyl toys) [ Timelapse ]

El proceso de diseño y fabricación de un muñeco implica a artistas diseñadores y técnicos de producción. Es un trabajo con etapas muy definidas en las que pasamos de la mente del creativo a las manos del niño.

En el siguiente video acelerado, lo que conocemos como “Timelapse”, podemos ver estas etapas en apenas 2 minutes. Una secuencia que describe visualmente las diferentes fases, permitiendo entender su complejidad:

Topología dinámica en modo Sculpt [ Blender ]

Una de las funciones que tiene Blender para modelar geometría es el modo “Sculpt” en el que trabajamos la superficie a editar como si fuéramos escultores.

Este modo tiene una función que permite, de forma dinámica, modificar el grado de refinamiento de una superficie en el instante que se modela o edita.

Simple Clouds [ Blender ]

Today we reviewed an interesting work of one of my students publish later: launching a rocket to the launching of a satellite.

One of the aspects that most caught my attention was the effect of clouds that has incorporated; always learn solutions that bring their projects to generate. In this tutorial we will see a simple technique to represent clouds.

Organic Sculpture [ image ][ Blender ]

A modeling exercise and composition done in Blender and rendered with the Cycles Engine.
The object has been created from a primitive ring with modified successive extrusions, to which you have applied a feature refinement by subdivision.

The resulting object has doubled several times to form the resulting composition.

Create a loop [ Blender ]

Create a loop in Blender is a simple operation that can be solved by the combination of two curves Beziar.

See an elemental technique to first define the path of the surface to which add a form to be determined by its width.

Fantasma's Halloween and Blender

As the last course, we will use a topical issue to motivate our class modeled in Blender.

Leveraging traditional Halloween parties, try to modellizar a ghost.

This page will serve as a general script for practice, giving details on other pages more specific individuals to perform operations.

Wave [ wallpaper ]

One of the most intriguing aspects of Blender is the ability to use objects to represent the points (vertices) a surface.
The image that I bring today is made from a plane deformation undergone by a sinusoidal law, where we have changed the points of its surface by icosahedra.

Lattice effect animation


A latex, one Blender, is a tool used to model objects using deformations. Edit the object is adapted to the grid or lattice forming the grid.

Associate an object to this utility so that if we change the shape of the lattice, it will act on the object.

The advantage of using a lattice is to modify a lower number of points, that act on a more detailed mesh.