Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Video Editing : Picture in Picture [PiP]

Superimposing one image over another in a region thereof is an effect that is known to “Picture in Picture” or “PiP”
Blender lets you edit videos incorporating nonlinearly, inter, this functionality.

Topología dinámica en modo Sculpt [ Blender ]

Una de las funciones que tiene Blender para modelar geometría es el modo “Sculpt” en el que trabajamos la superficie a editar como si fuéramos escultores.

Este modo tiene una función que permite, de forma dinámica, modificar el grado de refinamiento de una superficie en el instante que se modela o edita.

From rendering to video editing

Once generated models that form the scene in an image sequence synthesis, different stages are working to get the final result in video form.

The calculation process of each of the images of the sequence, rendering, can be performed with various more or less costly techniques calculation time.

Modifiers : Booleans in Blender 2.6

Boolean operations

The new versions of Blender have changed the way of defining the Boolean operations we saw when making a nut in version 2.49. This form of modeling, based on three basic operations with volumes topological, is now under the concept of “modifiers”. Boolean operations are three: Add or add two volumes subtracted… (leer más)

3D Animation, Objects: Separate vertices : Split surfaces [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Separate objects

When editing a complex surface in Blender can be neceserio that postteriormente tear it into smaller parts in order to assign materials , move etc.. The material allocation problem does not need this physical separation, since we can generate vertex groups and assign different materials to each group. First. Edit mode,… (leer más)

3D Animation, Examples: Create a Snowflake [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


Let's see how we can create a snowflake using the Blender geometry editor 2.6.

A snowflake, as we have used to create a wallpaper, is a fractal (self-similar) with six axes of symmetry. Its structure is therefore based on models which are essentially hexagonal, as shown in the attached image. Each arm hence repeated six times on each of the flakes, although there are different configurations depending on the crystallization conditions such as temperature and humidity.

3D Animation, Particles : Create smoke [Blogs experimental] [Blender]


One aspect that has improved version 2.5 Blender has been the particle system and physical calculations of their behavior.
In particular the introduction of functions to obtain effects such as smoke has been a marked advance in this review.

3D Animation, Objects: Edit Vertices [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Edit a geometric model by transforming the position of the vertices, is a routine task in the process of creating objects for animation.

A complex object is obtained from a simple object by adding and removing vertices, well as their spatial displacement.

It should start editing simple elements, gradually increasing complexity.

A training on simple objects can absorb the potential for manipulation of these elements, facilitating learning to use, later, to apply them to more complex models.

FotoSketcher : Turn your photos into drawings

Digital filters allow a simple complex transformations of the images. FotoSketcher is an interesting free application that turns our photographs into works of art. Dispone de un sofisticado conjunto de filtros digitales, totalmente personalizables, que nos permiten simular diferentes técnicas de dibujo y pintura: Pencil charcoal Watercolour oil ink china pointillism… (leer más)