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Caminandes 3: Llamigos

The Serie “Caminandes” made with animation suite “Blender” It presents its third episode entitled “Llamigos”.

Hand of its director Pablo Vazquez, Koro flame in Patagonia faces a new adventure, as usual, eat something tasty.

Video Editing : Picture in Picture [PiP]

Superimposing one image over another in a region thereof is an effect that is known to “Picture in Picture” or “PiP”
Blender lets you edit videos incorporating nonlinearly, inter, this functionality.

A Boy and His Kite: An Animated Short [NVIDIA]

NVidia is known for making graphics cards of high performance allowing us increasingly surprising imagery in real time.

Looking for information on what's new in the series “GeForce” I have encountered a demo that shows what you can do card “Titan X” with their 3072 cores and 12 GB framebuffer.

Cosmos Laundromat [Blender] [Video]

Blender pulse can be taken with the animation projects around you. Thank you to develop new tools that are necessary in their development and who end up joining in this popular suite of animation. A new project “open” in which anyone interested can get involved is the “Project Gooseberry” You can see on the web pages of Cosmos Laundromat

Abiogenesis (Short Film) de Richard Mans

The “Abiogenesis” It is considered a natural process of generation of life from inorganic compounds present in nature.

Richard Mans presents his personal interpretation of this concept in his work “Abiogenesis”. A short of great thematic depth and a special beauty that make it worthy of our praise.

Hand of nefertiti [ Animation ]

Guillermo Garcia presented the short film Carsiel “The Hand of Nefertiti” as an appetizer to the hit movie “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones”, in which two of the characters are entangled in a hilarious sequence worthy of silent films .

Changes [Animation][Video]

The masterpieces convey messages and emotions with an inspiring simplicity. Last through the years without losing its magic, maintaining the elegance and style that have given them their creators. They use natural techniques integrating visual and auditory elements that relate to the viewer communicating your message.
The work that I present on this page, “Changes”, makes a deeply important social critique of our approach to our life. With a minimalist style in visual form and social content of the message, the best style “comics” of the 60-70, our parody “modus vivendi”
Daniel Martinez Lara & The PC party made this co-production inspired by comic strips Quino 2006.

La Bruxa [Animation][Video]

“The Fiesta PC” It is a film production animation, in its short existence, has garnered a number of awards and successes of hearing.
The second Goya in three years, given in the notice of 2014, by its short “Strings”, supports the excellent work they are doing.
Although his most charismatic work to date, from my point of view, is a parody of the adventures of Indiana Jones called “Tadeo Jones”, other jobs print an equally jovial character, funny and sensitive.

Happy Holidays in Blender

We could not miss a small animation to compliment the Christmas holiday, made entirely with our favorite tool: Blender.

This Video, almost animated card format is a simple example of what can be done with little effort mu. A funny animation with the basic elements of this family night.

Caminandes: Gran Dillama

Caminandes is the brainchild of a team of artists, made entirely with Blender. Walking born as a small short animation made by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi y in January Morgenstern.

In his first comically chronicles the adventures of a flame to cross a road in southern Patagonia, trying to prove the feasibility of creating a complete animated short story, Free time its creators.