Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Image Synthesis

Tutorials and Concepts

Conceptos de Imagen de Síntesis

On this page are links to the basic concepts necessary to address the world of image synthesis

Image Concepts synthesis

Tutorial de Blender

A structured tutorial for the findamentos of computer animation, with one of the most powerful tools of free software. Your chances are stunning and is the basis of the images in this blog.


Tutorial Morphing y Galería

Morphing technique can mutate between two still images or moving. An interesting walk through the basics of this technique applied along with a personal gallery of morphs are the contents of a page very visual.


A page to learn how to edit video using images or vídeos.Herramientas simple for our final production of audiovisuals.

Digital Edition

Vídeos PIZiadasShort Productions synthetic image created for the blog, from illustrative examples of the courses tributes to characters of the present social.




Wallpaper in Resolution 1280 x 1024 on varied topics


Video animación

Video animation

On this page is a collection of videos on animation published in one of the most blog.La items are work in 3D image synthesis, added although studies on the history of the principles from the first animation cartoons.

A careful selection to enjoy this magical world.

Video animation



Collection of images in the form of mosaics, illustrious people and adventurers twitter


Short Animations