Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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bulerías [Oil]

bulerías, such as Jerez, It is a picture that represents the hubbub, the friends, party and flamenco.

This painting was born at a meeting of friends in my yard, outdoor light summer colors. gestation, from the softest strokes, It has not been subjected to the extent. A guitar, wines and art of the group were the instigators of this stain that gradually took shape.

Tuneando signals

The verb “Tune” It is an adaptation that we have done in the Spanish language of the English term “Tuning” meaning “Ajustar”.

Normally used in the automotive world to indicate that an original model had been modified, adding more power, best wheels or other elements that increased the yield or the showiness of the vehicle. One of the latest fashions of street art is in the “Tuning” cities traffic signals, as it can be seen in the two examples that are obtained in the center of Madrid.

Guernica en color. Una interpretación de Jesús Alonso Arroyo

Una de las obras más importantes de Pablo Picaso es “El Guernica”, que ilustra de una forma abstracta el bombardeo de la ciudad Vasca de igual nombre.
Esta singular obra ha servido de inspiración al pintor Jesús Alonso Arroyo para la elaboración de una versión en color.

11 Paper Place [ Blender ]

Cualquier rincón de nuestro entorno puede servir para crear una bella historia de amor. Cualquier objeto, con un toque de magia puede humanizarse y expresar los mundos interiores de sus creadores.
Las escuelas de arte son cada vez más prolijas en jóvenes talentos a los que sólo hay que darles un pequeño soporte técnico, un poco de dirección artística y un voto de confianza. Los resultados se pueden ver en sus trabajos.
Daniel Houghton dirije en el Middlebury College a un equipo de alumnos con los que, en un año, ha creado este bello corto de animación realizado íntegramente en Blender.

Modelado e iluminación para un mundo de texturas monocolor. Un interesante experimento de animación.

Thought of you : Ryan Woodward

Ryan Woodward es un artista del mundo de la animación, cuyo trabajo se basa en elegantes dibujos de trazos muy básicos.
El mundo del comic con su singular estética forma parte de su entorno profesional, en el que ha desempeñado diferentes facetas que le dan una sólida formación,
Su curriculum, lleno de actividad y de valiosos ejemplos de su trabajo se puede ver en sus páginas web.

Hormiga de Peter Glass

Some of the sculptures in glass of Pedro Garcia (Peter Glass) Nature transmitted me, in its purest form, of participating in their particular way of understanding the world this unique glass artist and light. An intrinsic symbiosis that knows how to exploit in their beautiful creations with this noble material.
Today I have resisted the temptation to “kidnap” one of his creations full of light that exhibits on their personal pages ( Peter Glass A Facebook), and titled “Ant”.

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

A new application techniques “Projection mapping” in an interesting artistic experience.
The timing of the movement of the mime with a screening permit its use in a live performance of singular beauty.
One technique that is maturing and finding new sources of inspiration.

a Question : Wayne Dixonn [ Blender ]

A simple question has motivated the development of this beautiful video.
Dixonn Wayne gives us the answer at the end of the video, giving meaning to the set.
A simple animation with a shader that represents only the contours to simulate the stroke of a pen, in so-called “Not photorealistic”, serves one purpose: perform “your question”.

If you want to know the answer will have to see the whole video, although only two minutes..

En Passant : A musical made with Blender

A musical, made with Blender, is the latest jewel in the animations made with free software.

Above 40 artists have worked for about two years in this exciting production that shows the ability of this suite of modeling and animation software, incorporating editing and post-production tools.
Chris Burton read together with Z. Raphaely us vibrate with this delicious fruit art work of its creators.

Vase [ Oil ]

A simple exercise to conduct impressionist color, in a still life floral ocher and blue.

A small format box wearing a small space on a table, fusing the corporeal with the imaginary.

A spot of color bounded by lines that structure their content, on two levels with different depths.

Neighborhood [ Oil ]

“Neighborhood” is a diptych that connects the light and colors of dawn to sunset, when the first bulbs look out the windows of our neighborhoods.

An oil painting of child accent reminiscent of our first attempts to shape the environment on paper.