Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Vase [ Oil ]

A simple exercise to conduct impressionist color, in a still life floral ocher and blue.

A small format box wearing a small space on a table, fusing the corporeal with the imaginary.

A spot of color bounded by lines that structure their content, on two levels with different depths.

Succulent in bloom [ Imagen ] [ Wallpaper ]


Or SUCCULENTS succulents Succulents, also called succulents or fat plants, are those who have developed stems or thick, fleshy leaves to store water in their bodies. The succulence or thickening is an adaptive process that occurs in ecosystems where rainfall is very low or very irregular, donde la… (leer más)

Life of flowers [ Timelapse ]


“Artbeats Timelapse Flowers” es una bella secuencia realizada con la técnica de “Time-lapse“. Nos muestra una cuidada selección de aperturas de capullos de flores, captured and edited by Vladimir Vorobyov with Premiere Pro 5.1, a la que se ha añadido un animado tema musical: Music: West One Music. album: 067 Simple Strings. Track: Happy-go-lucky Time-lapse:… (leer más)

Red Azalea [Imagen]

red azalea flower

A new image, in this case an Azalea Flower. One of the main differences between azaleas and the rest of the rhododendron family is their size and growth of the flower. Rhododendrons flowers develop in clusters, while most azaleas have terminal blooms (a… (leer más)


When we talk about roles in pollinating plants always tend to think of bees as major mediators. There are other insects that also fulfill these functions, well as mammals and birds. In the picture accompanying. se puede observar la acción de una hormiga que al buscar el néctar de la flor realiza… (leer más)



In botany, antófilo petal is part of the corolla of a flower. It is the inner part of the perianth, which comprises the sterile parts of a flower. In a flower “typical” los pétalos son llamativos y coloreados, y rodean las partes reproductivas. El número de pétalos en una flor es indicativo… (leer más)

Spring foliage and explosion [Imagen]

Spring offers us images that could saturate our visual memory. The senses are stimulated by the wealth of shapes and colors that nature gives us. It is a time of unrest, wherein the growth hormones that guide dominate us. Las plantas y árboles colonizan nuestro espacio visual que se ve limitado en… (leer más)

Daffodil [animated gif] [Morphing] [FotoMorph]

Narcissus is a genus of the Amaryllidaceae family native to the Mediterranean basin and Europe. Includes numerous bulbous species, most spring flowering, although there are some species that bloom in the fall. Narciso es el nombre común en español para Narcissus.(W) El gif animado ha sido generado como un morphing con FotoMorph, de 100… (leer más)

Mahonia: Yellow flower [Imagen]


Mahonia, flowering bush. Oregon grape is a genre that has 70 perennial shrub species, which belong to the family Berberidácea, este nombre genérico está dedicado a un horticultor americano Bernard M Mahon, who introduced the plant by the expedition of Lewis and Clark (InfoJardín) Leaves composed imparipinnadas, with leaflets espinosos…. (leer más)

Semillas voladoras de Diente de león [Imagen]

Spring is coming and we begin to see new growth in plants Station. Flying seeds, an intelligent dissemination strategy Nature Genetics, soon began to be shifting their genetic content in a frantic search for a space in which to anchor its content to continue their life cycle…. (leer más)