Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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In botany, antófilo petal is part of the corolla of a flower. It is the inner part of the perianth, which comprises the sterile parts of a flower. In a flower “typical” los pétalos son llamativos y coloreados, y rodean las partes reproductivas. El número de pétalos en una flor es indicativo… (leer más)

Spring foliage and explosion [Imagen]

Spring offers us images that could saturate our visual memory. The senses are stimulated by the wealth of shapes and colors that nature gives us. It is a time of unrest, wherein the growth hormones that guide dominate us. Las plantas y árboles colonizan nuestro espacio visual que se ve limitado en… (leer más)

Daffodil [animated gif] [Morphing] [FotoMorph]

Narcissus is a genus of the Amaryllidaceae family native to the Mediterranean basin and Europe. Includes numerous bulbous species, most spring flowering, although there are some species that bloom in the fall. Narciso es el nombre común en español para Narcissus.(W) El gif animado ha sido generado como un morphing con FotoMorph, de 100… (leer más)

Semillas voladoras de Diente de león [Imagen]

Spring is coming and we begin to see new growth in plants Station. Flying seeds, an intelligent dissemination strategy Nature Genetics, soon began to be shifting their genetic content in a frantic search for a space in which to anchor its content to continue their life cycle…. (leer más)

PIZiadas in Oils: Spring Garden

Plants, flowers and in general the nature lends itself to the “Portrait” When it manifests in our senses. The frozen image of a spring garden allows to provide primary colors without fear to stridency, pincelados in its purest state and among the side that bathe the canvas. Oil on canvas