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Learn to draw with Andrew Loomis

There are many manuals drawing with different methods to initiate us refine our technique and representation. One of the first thing I remember are the booklets drawing painter Joan Miró Ferrer.

William Andrew Loomis was an illustrator of the first half of the twentieth century, in addition to his graphic work, He left a series of books to learn to draw. The practical approach of these manuals along with the gradual difficulty of the exercises are two characteristics that make them especially useful for beginners in the drawing with pencil.

Diédrico System: Projection of points in the plane

Can you get from a projection of a belonging to a flat point another projection on the plane dihedral to the full? For example, If give us the horizontal projection and vertical of a plane and a point in the latter as determinaríamos the projection on the horizontal plane?

Diédrico System: Projection of the plane

A plane is determined by three unaligned points, so adding a new point to a straight line projections can define it. In this case we will give at least two related dimensions on each plane of projection in order to become independent projections of these plans support of representation. We will learn to represent maps and items belonging to them.

To be Professor of drawing in high school you need a Master

To become Professor of technical drawing in secondary, What to do?

Many of my students have asked me what to do to be Professor of drawing, course that I teach at the University. The answer is always the same do teacher what? It is not the same be University professor who became an Institute Professor.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2014 (I) : Árbol de navidad [ Imagen 1920×1080 ]

Como todas las Navidades, los fondos de escritorio personalizados con temas navideños aparecen en este blog dedicado a la imagen.

La simbología del momento manda y entre los aspectos más manidos se encuentran los clásico árboles de navidad, en este caso en formato Wallpaper.

Geometría proyectiva: Overlapping shapes first order

Projective overlapping shapes are a special case of projective shapes, you relate elements of the same type that share a common base.

For example, two overlapping series will have the same line as the basis of geometric shapes, two beams of the same vertex straight (concentric bundles) and two beams overlapping planes around the same axis (coaxiales).

Geometría proyectiva: Perspectivity

Projective foundations are based on the definitions of "ordered triples of elements" and “quaternions for defining the cross ratio”, and relationships called “perspectives” between elements of identical or different nature.
These perspectives relations, that will be used in determining projections representation systems, defined from two projective operators:

Intersections in outlook: straight and cuboids

One of the classic problems of representation systems is to find the intersection of two elements, such as determining the intersection point between a line and a plane. Topological nature are problems in which the concepts of belonging prevail.

The problems are based on topological relationships are independent projection type in which they are.