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The false position method. Application of overlapping series of second order.

The theoretical models of projective geometry can be proposing problems that are not of direct application. We will have that “dress up” therefore exercises to infer in the student further analysis and a transverse treatment of knowledge: Can I apply what they learn to solve this problem?.
After analyzing in detail the operations with overlapping series of second order, Let's see an example of application which does not consist in obtaining new tangents or points of contact of a conical.

Geometría proyectiva: Overlapping shapes first order

Projective overlapping shapes are a special case of projective shapes, you relate elements of the same type that share a common base.

For example, two overlapping series will have the same line as the basis of geometric shapes, two beams of the same vertex straight (concentric bundles) and two beams overlapping planes around the same axis (coaxiales).