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Textured cubes with transparency [ Wallpaper ] [ Cycles ]


The accompanying model Blender shaders, called “Cycles” allows infinite combinations to create textures and materials, limited only by our imagination and technical knowledge.

Every day I experience with this model surprised me more creative capacity of su, by allowing a few laws combine with a range of varieties immeasurable chromatic and shape.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (XIII) : Figurative Christmas Tree [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A Christmas tree made up of stars, traditional decorated with christmas balls. A new wallpaper to decorate your desktop.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (X) : Realistic snowflakes [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A new Christmas wallpaper that improves the visual appearance Snowflake presented with construction techniques to create a snowflake with Blender.

In this case, in search of improved realism, has been used a background image to build geometry, applying a material that emulates the behavior of light more fideligna.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (IX) : Geometric Christmas Tree: Toroides y poliedros [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A wallpaper made with Blender to use as wallpaper in resolution 1280 x 1024 based on basic geometric elements.

The tree structure is created with toroids (torus of revolution) that have been repeated by the operator “Array” size scaling.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (VII) : Snowman [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A 1280 wallpaper image format×1024 that presents a snowman on a snowy landscape in the network obtained, that has been adorned with tinsel and Christmas balls.

The composition was made with Blender 2.6, using the background image and building geometry Snowman and tinsel.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (VI) : Snow flakes [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

snow flakes thumbnail

A wallpaper created from a snowflake created with Blender, evolution wallpaper titled “snowflake”,

To create the image for this wallpaper. we have used the particle system has incorporated the modeling and animation software Blender 2.6 . allows us to generate a distribution of points, which were later replaced by geometric models representing a snowflake elemental.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (V..) : Geometric Christmas Tree: Cube helicoid[ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

geometrico tree helicoide cubes

A new wallpaper image synthesis realized with thanks to the modeling tool Blender 2.6.

In this case we have constructed a christmas tree through a geometric transformation, a helix.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (IV) : Árbol de navidad [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


An image that can be used as wallpaper for Christmas.

A Christmas plea based on the conceptualization of the typical Christmas tree.

The model has been made with Blender, from a set of cubes that have been represented with the technique that we have seen rendering type “Halo”

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (III) : Snowflake [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

copo de nieve thumb

The Christmas period is associated with snow. White Landscapes, flooded smooth and soft snowflakes or ice crystals bright.

A wallpaper speckled with stars, with a symmetrical hexagonal structure can remember the shape of a snowflake to be seen under a microscope.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (II) : Glass balls [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A simple wallpaper for use in the upcoming Christmas season and decorate your computer.

In this case the image shows a carved glass spheres conjuntode with reflective properties and transparency. A composition modeled and rendered with Blender animation software. (View Christmas Tinsel)

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (II) : Tinsel and bright balls [Imagen 1280×1024]


A new wallpaper to use in the upcoming Christmas season and decorate your computer, made from the same scene in Blender we used for the above image: Tinsel and balls.

We performed a zoom to center the pattern on one of the christmas balls, obtaining a more homogeneous color distribution.